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shock collar

Same with dogs. Too many people feel they can let loose their dog in a fenced park and then just have a nice chat with other dog owners. But if you're busy chatting, you're not watching. Dog parks are for dogs; coffee shops are for chit chat. 15. Spending more time looking at a smartphone screen than at the dogs. In the same way that chatting with other humans should not take priority over supervising dogs, a smartphone should not become a distraction either. Sadly, I've seen people enter the dog park and stare at their phones the whole time while their dog is wreaking havoc in the park or, even more sad, the dog just stands there staring at the cellphone-absorbed human, wondering if they're ever going to play. Dogs know when you're mentally disengaged and they can often take advantage of that — breaking rules because they know they can.

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shock collar
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